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Window Tint Care (Auto)
  • Do not roll down windows for 48 hours after installation
  • Do not clean windows for 2 weeks after installation
  • After curing, a few small particles or point may remain. These are normally visible from the outside and are inherent to window film adhesive. They will not affect the performance of the tint in any way. Window tint has a curing time of 3 weeks,.During this time, you may notice moisture bubbles, haziness or a ripple effect. Do not be concerned, this will slowly disappear during the curing process. In some cases, it may take longer in winter.
  • To clean your tinted windows, simply spray with soapy water and using a soft cotton cloth or microfiber towel wipe clean.
  • Do not use brushers, abrasive products, products with ammonia or chemical based products to clean window tint.
Window Care and Maintenance (Residence/Commercial)
  • Do Not clean the window film for 5 days. The soapy solution used takes time to dry and determined by local weather conditions. During the drying time, it is normal for slight moisture haze to appear although it will disappear. Use a mild soapy water solution to clean. Use soft, non abrasive cloth when cleaning and drying.
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